Casino Style Online Blackjack Tournament by Zone4Play

Online Casino Conditions Staff

Online gambling tournaments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular is, by far, online poker, which deserves its place as being a large sector of and revenue contributor to the global online gambling industry. Making their way under the supervision of the Web’s best online casinos like Blackjack Ballroom , are smaller but just as exciting tournaments for online casino games like blackjack and slots. One of these – a new multiplayer online blackjack tournament by the software developers at Zone4Play, is now on the internet gambling scene.

Called Get21, the new online tournament platform is being marketed by Zone4Play’s newly developed gambling company called Gaming Ventures, who in turn, will be marketing the tournaments to the online casino gambling community through their subsidiary, Get21 Ltd. Gaming Ventures will be responsible for operating the software platform, and will pass all further licensing and development responsibilities to yet another Zone4Play subsidiary, RNG Gaming Ltd., who will be filling a role much like online casino software developers do when licensing other online gambling sites to offer access to their software platform.

The online blackjack tournaments will be offered in traditional casino style, and will go live on the Web by mid-September. Currently, Get21 Ltd. is sorting through the top online casino merchants who can provide fraud and securitized player protection, secure internet payment processing and acquisition models designed for keeping players accounts open and active.

Gaming Ventures is leading the wave in non-poker online casino game tournaments with this upcoming release of Get21. Looking at the thriving nature of the online gambling industry, the new tournament platform is expected to fare very well, which Gaming Ventures shareholders should be very pleased to hear.