Victor Chandler Goes Online with Chinese Casino Gambling

Casino Conditions Staff

Another gambling firm is trying to capitalize on the highly lucrative Chinese market by developing a Chinese online casino and sportsbook. United Kingdom based Victor Chandler has taken the honors with the help of Macom Рa Macau marketing firm that also specializes in technological services Рto develop a simple  fully infused with traditional Chinese gaming elements.

The new  is called vcbet88, and will primarily concentrate in offering sports betting with Asian handicap. There is also an online casino section that offers live dealer baccarat, which is very popular in China, and continues to be in great demand as far as online gambling is concerned. Whether there are trust issues regarding online casino software or not, it seems that live dealers is the best way to get the Chinese to bet online.

The partnership between Victor Chandler (VC) and Macom is one which VC is largely benefiting from. Macom, which is very familiar with the Chinese economy, will be helping VC to market the new betting site in a way that other cultures (and VC) are not accustomed to. As far as betting styles go, VC has already implemented a feature on the homepage of their online sportsbook and casino that enables bettors to place direct bets. Movements on odds can be tracked from the homepage, which it turns out, is a big plus for Chinese gamblers.

Gambling is so huge in China (whether out in the open or underground) that Victor Chandler is very confident that although no European bookmakers have developed a formula for success in the Chinese gambling industry, they will stand to make Chinese bets a large part of their online revenue this time around.