eCOGRA Seeks to Increase Approved Online Casinos

Online Casino Conditions Staff

eCOGRA – otherwise known as the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance – is one of the leading authority sources on providing ethical guidelines and standards for licensed and regulated online casino gaming sites to follow and abide by. Working closely with leading government agencies, such as the Department of Culture in England (responsible for writing and enforcing conditions of the UK Gambling Bill), eCOGRA has and continues to have a strong presence in the online casino gambling industry.

The non-profit organization’s latest contribution to the industry comes in the form of an announcement regarding a new campaign to increase the amount of online casino sites and online poker rooms dedicated to the organizations ethical standards of safe internet gaming. Being called the “100 Seals Campaign”, the objective of the campaign is to increase the number of casinos awarded the eCOGRA “Play it Safe” seal from 76 to 100 by December of this year.

CEO of eCOGRA, Andrew Beveridge, commented that the existing online gaming sites who operate under the “Play it Safe” seal, handle a large portion of the worldwide internet gambling revenue. His organization is now extending an invitation to all of the biggest players in the business, encouraging them to increase their standards of operation and become the world’s most respected online casinos.

Of course, eCOGRA is not the only well-respected gaming body in the online betting industry, and is not the final word on which online casinos are the best and most trusted. Most online casino operators and poker rooms operate under government licenses, which in themselves, require the operators to uphold high standards of conduct, ethics and gaming fairness. eCOGRA, however, has has made tremendous contributions to the online gambling industry, and should indeed see the realization of their “100 Seals Campaign”.