Watch raising eyebrows at the WSOP

Online casino gamblers – are you ready for this? There is a new watchful eye being spied at the WSOP tables this year. Many of the top players at this year’s event are wearing an unusual watch that has a magnifying lens that pops up along with a LED flashlight built right in to it. Will it help their game? Watch and see. Will it help our online casino playing – no.

Harrah’s Casino, the new host of the WSOP, was looking for something fresh and original to celebrate their first time as the host of the poker tournament. A Las Vegas ad specialty company buy the name of FirstClass USA

suggested that Harrah’s use the watched designed by iBEAM. The watches are now available at Harrah’s gift shops, too.

Everyone knows that dark sunglasses worn at the table can be intimidating, now imagine trying to bluff your way through a hand of poker with a magnifying glass staring right at you.

When a tensions arose at one of the the tables the other day, one player used his iBEAM watch by activating the magnifying glass and staring at the other players through it. Too funny, but attention getting no less.

A few months ago a regular Las Vegas gambler, caused such a stir wearing his iBEAM watch that the craps manager stopped game-play so that all players and observers could get a good look at the watch. This was s big deal – before this incident, the only thing that was capable of stopping game-play was robbery or a fire.

It’s not like poker players require assistance reading their cards, but the iBEAM watch is a interesting new concept. These watches will most likely be popular for many other reasons.